About Rise Up Town

A group of Uptown neighbors came together in 2018 to form RISE UP TOWN out of frustration that our community’s land-use body — Uptown Planners — has not been supportive enough of housing, growth, and density in our community. RISE UP TOWN supports candidates who pledge to bring more forward-looking leadership on housing and transit to our community’s planning group.

RISE UP TOWN’s vision is to share the joys of living in Uptown with a greater number of people. We want to foster — not hinder — increased housing creation in our neighborhood. We seek to embrace what’s great about Uptown and bring about change where it’s needed. Our goals include encouraging taller, well-designed buildings in the right locations, support for affordable development, faster approval of proposals that enhance the community, more ‘low-speed lanes’ for getting around, an emphasis on walking and biking pathways, and push for improvements in street safety. We favor greater community engagement by making the work of Uptown Planners more accessible, online and offline. Rise Up Town seeks to create a more inclusive planning board, one that advocates for both current and future Uptown residents.

Our founding members

These folks below came together in 2018 to create a movement for change in our community. Rise Up Town was built with their energy, support and vision.